Therapy is an engaging workout for

strengthening new habits.

Therapy can bring people out of their shells, it can save homes,

or help you say goodbye with as little damage as possible.

You don't have to be alone in this.

From our very first session, you will take home practical tools for communication and relaxation. In moments of stress, you will have less blaming ways to express what you need to keep things from escalating. For those times when you do lose your cool, you'll know more about calming yourself down before saying something you regret.

I'm a spunky woman with playful humor, someone who understands with a lot of compassion. As a relationship therapist, I focus on relationship dynamics and systems in daily life. I will show you insights from brain science about conflicted relationships.

Together, we'll create holding space that is nonjudgmental so you can be honest with yourself about brave changes you want to make. We'll hold space that's safe enough to be real with others so you can grow your relationship. Explore everything from your original family to present family conflicts, from leaving home to finding home for yourself.

I work with people who are overwhelmed, maxed out with stress, flooded with emotion, overstimulation and chaos. Rather than react out of instinct or feeling out of control, we work to develop awareness of triggers and habits, and find compassion in being human. Based on personal and family experience with these common problems, I care deeply about clients’ healing. I've always respected people who are able to reach out for help.

Whether it’s couples facing conflict, people with

ADHD, depression, anxiety, or anger...

we need both calming and expression skills.

Professional Biography

Charletta Erb is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in couples conflicts. She earned her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at The Family Institute at Northwestern University. She also completed two years of intensive focus on Bowen Family Systems Theory. She has worked as a therapist at Maple Counseling Center, Family Therapy Institute, and Healthy Relationships California. She draws on a background in mediation, restorative justice, and therapeutic applications of interpersonal neurobiology (how the brain works in relationships). Previously, she served as a consultant with several non-profits addressing organizational conflict and development. She also has a Bachelors degree from Goshen College in Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies with a focus in mediation and organizational conflict.


Conflicted couples



Anger management


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