In addition to therapy, I offer consulting and services with the following professional skills.

Conflict Transformation | Mediation

Conflict Mediation and Transformation work increases your tolerance of conflict, and helps you feel safe enough to address it, even learn through it. Mediation is a relatively brief process for improving relationships. My approach focuses on transformative and healing strategies as well as problem-solving.

Church and organizational conflict

I have experience facilitating large group healing processes. The process combines methods of social research, interviews, conflict skills workshops, facilitated dialogue, and group decision-making. What's distinctive about church conflict? I share my thoughts in an article along with colleagues Alastair McKay and Colin Patterson.


I offer facilitation of group decision-making processes, retreats, team building, structured dialogue circles, and restorative justice practices. I also teach leadership, consensus building, and facilitation skills.

Vocational | Organizational Psychology

Get things done whether in collaboration with others, or improving your own workflow. When it comes to collaboration, we can explore leadership skills that motivate teamwork, making the best use of individuals' skills and creativity.

If your growing edge is your own effectiveness, we'll look at improving focus and prioritizing. We live in a world that can be ADHD-making for many of us!

Peace | Eco | Social Justice

De-escalate tension and apply communication skills to group conflict, social and environmental change work. Unpack your own journey with societal oppressions and privilege whatever your race, gender or class. Understand the psychology of change especially in face of modern ecological crises, examining addictions of consumption, finding courage to explore grief, shock and denial, uncovering hope and sense of life purpose. I offer various training tools and personal processes for activists.

Restorative Justice

What is Restorative Justice? Restorative Justice is a philosophy of justice that recognizes the purposes of misbehavior, addresses the needs of those who carried the harm, and works to heal everyone involved. Learn about the many applications of restorative justice in contexts of criminal justice, dialogue on hard subjects, trauma recovery, school discipline, families. Explore the work of Restorative Justice Evanston, where I previously served as Director. I can consult and facilitate restorative processes that will emphasize healing more than punishment.

Musical Accompaniment

I've had the privilege of providing therapeutic musical accompaniment for people in hospital, or at end of life. Old tunes stirred families, lips moving to familiar lyrics, awakening loved ones, creating precious moments together amidst grief, fear, loss.

When I'm not practicing therapy, I'm often playing fiddle, my reset button. Learn more about my music at