Help Yourself

Here, you'll find a number of resources for the continued work of therapy. If you're just beginning therapy with me, click the button to the right.

Specific topics covered below:

Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity

My favorite YouTube ADHD Channel with Jessica McCabe, How to ADHD and website. Non-shaming and celebrating neurodiversity, McCabe is very relatable for adult women with ADHD.

Depression and Anxiety

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change tackles mood and depression from 6 angles:

  1. Nutrition: Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  2. Thoughts: Anti-Rumination Strategies
  3. Exercise: Happy Chemicals and Stress Relief
  4. Light Exposure: Sunlight and Vitamin D
  5. Social Support: Connect and Share
  6. Sleep: Supporting Quality Rest

Dr. Stephen Ilardi

Forgiveness, Healing & Acceptance

Do The Work with Byron Katie's Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. She even has an app for The Work. You can also download her free pdf of The Little Book, in which she says,

"I don’t let go of my thoughts—I meet them with understanding.

Then they let go of me."


The TIME Guide to Happiness includes lots of videos and articles to get you inspired with science-backed practical actions you can take for your emotional health.


UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center offers free guided meditations, the best I've found. Sometimes I also like to watch these awe inspiring timelapse videos by Nicholas Buer especially Ancients.

Perfectionism & Vulnerability

Dr. Brené Brown tells stories of shame based on her research, offering incredible insights with a touch of humor. Her TED talks are highly recommended! She offers free downloads of cards, posters, discussion guides as well.

Relationship tips

Looking for practical tools to improve communication and closeness? Dr. John Gottman presents evidence-based relationship tips in just 60 seconds a week. The Marriage Minute

Family or Couples learn practical applications of the latest research on relationships from my alma mater through the Tip of the Month.


The Family Therapy Institute offers books, questionnaires, and music for parents and kids. Start with for 10 keys to happy family life. teaches character lessons through music. lays out a model for win-win parenting in tough cases of defiant behavior.