Therapists use different models, with importance placed on some combination of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors - all good and useful - but there's more at play than that...

Relationship therapy goes beyond the individual's inner world to get a broader perspective, to address relationships that are stuck in a rut.

What is Marriage and Family Therapy?

It's counseling on relationship dynamics for the most important relationships in your daily life at work and home. It focuses not so much on who's right, but how to engage from very different perceptions of the same events.

Conflicted relationships quickly cause us to lose creativity, and so our options narrow. Recreating relationships requires thoughtful communicating about feelings, taking responsibility for oneself and problem-solving in ways that address real needs at their root.

Relationships ask respect of each perspective, even when we don't get each other. My relationship therapy coaches change in couples, families and individuals from an attitude of compassion, grace and playful humor!


Conflicted couples



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