Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need therapy? Take this quiz to think it through and see if you're ready. Get the truth about common misconceptions about psychotherapy in this Huffington Post article.

What can I expect in our first session? The first session is about getting to know you, defining goals, and gathering information about family history and attempts at change. I'll offer you practical tools to use as first-aid for your current struggles. Ask questions anytime.

What about confidentiality? Your health information will be held in confidence. Details and exceptions will be discussed at the start of your first session. For more information about your health records, see healthit.gov/access

How much will it cost? First, ask if you can afford not to get therapy. How much do you spend on material things, alcohol or drugs to "self medicate"? What would it mean for you to function at your best, or to keep communication open? All that considered, full fee is $130 per session (50 minutes). The cost reflects time, expertise and skill, compassion is free. I offer shorter sessions and a sliding scale for a limited number of clients. I also encourage clients to complete homework and prepare between sessions in order to get the most out of our time together. You can also check out alternatives in the area (see Referrals).

How long will it take? You might be surprised you experience progress more quickly than you expect. Together, we'll discuss the benefits of brief therapy and continuing therapy. You're welcome to do therapy long-term with me, but you might prefer to work together as a tune-up. Sessions are 50 minutes, usually once per week. On average, clients attend 8-12 sessions across all models of therapy. (Source: brief.org.uk)

How many sessions will Beacon Health cover? "There is no limit on the number of therapy visits but it is expected that members that fall into the "mild to moderate" level of impairment will receive targeted, episodic services to treat the mental health diagnosis. For members at the "mild to moderate" level, thresholds have been put in place to monitor visits." (Source: Beacon FAQ for Medi-Cal mental health services)

What are the different approaches to psychotherapy? A helpful article about some of the approaches I draw from.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel an appointment? I require 48 hours notice to avoid a fine for the reserved time. If you are ill or stuck at home, we can arrange a phone or video session so you don't have to miss your appointment. Family emergencies or illnesses may come up, but if at all possible let me know at the first sign that you'll not be able to make it. That lets me know what time is available for others.